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Monday, December 01, 2008
i let it happen again. / 8:37 PM

i bet today was the most irritated day i had in the past 2 months. wells, in anycase lets not go into details about it shall we?
On the weekends, the IT fair was packed, and im constantly amused by the people there. ESP the J&C. LOL. subway with LFT for both days :O and supper at the airport after the last day of work. THANKS AH LFT for constantly reminding me that my eye's gunna drop out soon. haha. -laughs and looks away. the constantly is really CONSTANTLY cause her booth was just right opposite mine. like 1m away only :DD however, i had my fair share of stress, headache and fun in the 'war'. so im not complaining anything. oh and joanne the siaocharbor & wendy came (: i swear that bimbo is the most dramatic one i've seen so far. LOL. late night supper soon eh, sorry i couldnt make it for the last one tho!
'the world is so small', says phy phy. HAHAHAHA. :D
midnight guitar session last fri & sinful day tmr! LOL. -evil laughs.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
/ 1:05 AM



Wednesday, November 26, 2008
thedifferentpages. / 11:37 PM

Saturday fun :top: myself & huixian. bottom: joanne, wendy, jenna & LFT.

(: while webcaming HS!
Hello my one-eye-pirate twin! (: -okay now, dont kill me when you see this!

haha. finally met up with PHUA, wenn, desmond & jeremias after soo long. surprisingly, we didnt camwhore cause des the cow insisted that his hair sucks. -.- and phua tried to hide something but was bao-toe ( OR WHATEVER YOU SPELL IT) by the cow! TSK EVE TSK. -stares.
okay and who the hell gives: Describe any instance of constructive and destructive interference you encountered today, as you worked with your team towards the solution . For an RJ question. the lesson itself is boring enough to be described and the best thing is that its for the science module :O ahh but whatever --
tell me its getting better?

Monday, November 24, 2008
/ 1:05 AM

A summerised version of what happened the past 3 days. Am lazy to write properly since im so deprive of sleep. so yeah, pardon the rush please. to read a more detailed version, please go to the various blogs. (:
HAHA. omg. the past 3 days was sucha packed day. friday had an event with jenna & DnD. haha. it was good working with LFT, jenna, tanny/tammy, amanda & people. had fun laughing at the activities they had. SERIOUSLY. esp the man-hunt man, my favourite! WAHAHA. ((:
FINALLY an off day on sat, pheww. woke up at 7 and met up with stella and nat at jurong despite the tiring day i had the day before. was actually thinking of not going in the end BUT some things just had to be done luh right? -looks away. bus-ed to bugis afterwards to have some food, talked & we're off to sheesha. HAHA. they were off to sheesha, to be corrected. Met jenna after that & both of us called LFT to ask her where is she :O and we went to surprise her! WAHAHA. caught chihuahua with LFT, jenna, huixian, wendy & LL. and it was great! so ppl go watch it k, the dogs are super adorable. :D Joanne called, and we headed to the steamboat place to meet her. OMG, that girl.. she can REALLY REALLY eat man. eat like continuously. -faints. walked ard to find atm after the 'dinner + supper = DINPPER' HAHA! Finally decided on alps cafe for a drink. gosh, played the poker game and almost used up all the topic of the day. LOL. but funn (: sang-along with a group of 3 girls when everyone else left. got damn high after that. haha. then finally home sweet home! *photos up after HX send them to me! :O
work was fine today, just that i think i should sleep earlier whenever i've work the next day. tskk. met up with jenna and LFT (again) for dinner along with jiamin & BOOT the zhen yi. haha. new pb sparks coming up huh! HAHAHAHAHAHA. -turn and look at jenna and boot. lol! had our fair share of laughs at each and everyone of us and lastly, food & company was great! ((:
TO END THIS POST OFF, people this is nate:

sandra says:
pot calling kettle black
sandra says:
no apple to eat says:
no apple to eat says:
crow say pig black
sandra says:
plg say crow black
no apple to eat says:
shit say urine smelly
sandra says:
urine say shit smelly
no apple to eat says:
lamp post say car head light bright
sandra says:
car head light say lamp post bring
sandra says:
no apple to eat says:
nate say sandra stupid
sandra says:
sandra say nate RUBBISH
no apple to eat says:
wei wei

Monday, November 17, 2008
combination. / 8:19 PM

okay these few days are just so weird pls. like the suayness bug had passed from people to people. Sunday it was JM's (the self proclaim 'king') and today's it was my class luh. Its like prone to dropping of things day, from cups of juice to laptop. gosh. i dont want to go into details on how suay things can get. so yeah.
on another note, concubine came to look for me at work. LOL. thanks for the surprise yeah? ily friend (: and EVE PHUA! im waiting for you to come this week k! bring your boy along too! hahaha.
watermelon head, cheena doll, bu dao weng, hello kitty, cross eye & luohan head tmr! HAHAHA! nice one huh HS! ROFL.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
i like today. / 11:04 PM

Align Leftwhat a fine day, today is.

today's science problem is a killer please,
swear it was the worse presentation i ever had.
but oh wells, im still proud that i didnt chao today,
what a great achievement. :O
pepper lunch-ed for dinner and
bumped into HS my twin when i was thinking of killing the time.
cause it was wayyy to early for the meeting.
. so i hang out with her till its time to go. (((:
manage to see everyone for the VERY last time.
had some good laughs off we go.
& 'RETRENCHED' at photo taking. wahah.
alrights, my bed's calling me. NIGHTS

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
/ 8:16 PM

HAHAHA. the song lyrics we came out with for barney is a dinosaur.
can try to start singing it on your own (:
had tons of fun today in class with all the metaphors, esp girls are like a cellphone which i tend to agree alot on. tsk.
and tmr's meeting for moto again.
finally can get to see everyone, for the one last time? );
dont remind me why i hate partings so much. be it bugis or moto.
ahh wells, but the people there at my new work place are nice too, so im not complaining! and there's also no uniform, whaha. how cool can that be. (:
on a lighter note, i've decided to move on.
waiting aimlessly is not a good choice after all.
RWARRR. i need something to distract me!
guitar love, here i come!

Sunday, November 09, 2008
/ 12:48 AM


you know what, i think dumbo is cute. esp, the hugeee ears (;

/ believe in wonderland,
will you join me in my ride to the rainbow?

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